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underneath the stars
looking into the past.

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Friday, March 06, 2009
12:54 AM

Stranded at Sea

when you don't expect, you don't have reason to fear.
you go where the tide carries you.
it doesnt matter which shore you get washed up at.
so as long as it's land.

But what if you had a destination in mind?
And only one hurdle laid between you and the end point.
the hurdle would be the sea.
and i would be in a boat.

Would I be stranded in this vast body of blue?

Friday, February 20, 2009
8:47 AM

My hands, your hands.

Yeah if you're wondering why this post is entitled "My hands" it's not because of David Archuleta. LOL. ok lah, but his debut album is great :D i hope he follows in the footsteps of Chris Daughtry and not so much Ruben Studdard. :/ i think it's quite sad to see how they fought so hard to achieve success in AI and then just fade from the limelight sometime later.

ANYWAY, i made a chain necklace yesterday night. (: but i haven tested the response on lj yet. such fads don't last and i don't know why i allow myself to be swept along with them. maybe it's just part and parcel of being a girl. :O Maybe it's just an identity crisis. haha. but regardless of the reason why, im still glad doing what im doing because it's sort of realising this unfulfilled and never will be be part of me that seeks to be a designer. but it's definitely worth noting that this is anything but an original concept. And I would like to apologise if I make anyone upset and also, give credits to the owner of this brainchild.


And to address another problem. I hope I haven't been too much of a jerk lately. My words are getting increasingly blunt and I've passed off a lot of judgements lately, one too many in fact, and my conscience is hurting. Maybe you can say it's inevitable for humans to err but could that just be another excuse that people use to make themselves feel better? my humour can be rather curt and when I get entrenched in emotion, I no longer speak with much thought. Sometimes, I begin to wonder is this due to my lack of perspective in life. And my daily decisions are swayed and shaped by the thoughts of others around me. At the end of the day, I can only stop and wonder how far this lack of perspective can carry me in life. and what would i do without you?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
7:40 PM

back from a long, long hiatus. haha. actually i experienced a sudden wave of nostalgia. and i need to pen my thoughts down. you'll see why.

today was my last day of work. and i tell you, you can never find nicer colleagues anywhere else in the world. spur of the moment decision and impulsiveness cannot be a more apt description for my resignation. okay, i was stressed. but who isn't? and stress can be managed. if only i knew better.

if this isn't love, what is?

Happy Early Valentine's Day cum Farewell.

Reminds me of the good old days in Cedar where I had to contain my Vdae stash inside a gigantic lollipop container. Some thanks I must say -

To my fantastic batchmates - Daryl, Benny, Jun Shyang, Seok Kian and Janice
Thank you guys for your company, jokes and help! (: don't know how this work experience would have been like without the five of you. thank you for the flowers, choc and card. and i would like to thank Jun Shyang especially for the prank. -.- what goes around comes around ok? haha. we've done enough damage for now. lol.

To Shimin and Wan Ling
My favourite cedarians!! :D you guys make work a joy. though we get scolded from time to time, I guess it's the experience that counts and the company that matters at the end of the day. shimin, im sorry if i dropped the bomb on you though i promised not to at the very start. pardon my impulsiveness. :/ and wanling, you are ever so understanding. haha. must stand up to Alex ok? consider diamond, the hardest substance on this planet when executing revenge on Dr. Love aka Mr. Thick-skinned. haha. will definitely come back to visit you all de! and you all can rant all you want to me coz i will have loads of space up in my head. i miss the canteen food already. but im missing the time we've spent together more. :( i will come back as often as i can!

To Dr. Love
"Remember , if Valentine isn't found in your heart, you can't find it on the day. But hopefully you find it inside my bag." yes, I did find it inside your bag and I found it inside all of you as well. If this isn't love, what is? take good care of everyone in the office and continue to prescribe a daily dose of laughter to all of them. after all, isn't laughter the best medicine?

To everyone else who made a difference:
Thank you for making me realise that even though I might not get to take up a job that i love, I can still learn to love the job that i've taken up. one month may not be that long a period of time, but this one month has made a difference nonetheless. (: and for that, I cannot be more grateful.

to end...
life is short. opportunities past us by every single day. life is frail. people come and people go. and my point is - seize control of the moment. you've been a really wonderful friend. and i hope that wherever you are now, you have found peace. God bless. Amen.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
12:54 AM

just experienced a sudden urge to pen down some thoughts.
oh, and thank you pamela, for reminding me that i still have a second chance to make things right.

something about dream schools...
"I was on the other side of the gate last year, looking in, wanting real bad to be in; but now on this side of the gate, i kinda take it for granted that this is a dream sch of many, for me its sch now, just sch."

and what i will never be quite able to get over...
You told me to make lemonade when given lemons
I took the lemons
But I was never able to make that awesome a cup of lemonade
Why, others might ask…

Well, that’s because deep down we all knew that I was pining for cranberries

get over it. move on.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008
7:52 PM

60 stories
National Vertical Marathon 2008.
we climbed, we saw, we conquered.

thank you for taking every single step with me.
thank you for being at every turn of the stair
thank you for having my back
but most importantly, thank you for just being there. (:

Saturday, December 08, 2007
7:13 AM

it has been three months since my last update.
but once again, im doing this with a ton of blue-blacks.
but that's besides the point.
3 star rocks!
once again, it's all in the mind, people!
it really isn' all that bad or scary as its name suggests or what others make it out to be.
really, it's all about taking the plunge.
after all, the greatest rewards await those who dare to take the plunge. ((:
extracted from yet another poster at CSSC's toilet.

anyway, what i want to say is that you can never stop believing in yourself.
especially when surrounded by a wonderful bunch of friends and coaches...and God? haha.
24 th comm rocks!
though i didnt manage to do the eskimo roll or plunge all the way till my shoulders touched the water before doing a high support recovery, im immensely grateful for this experience nevertheless.
haha. and ironically for a person who used to dread capsizes, the all in rescue has become my favourite component.
i suppose after doing like god-knows how many capsizes, the fear just goes away with time and practise.
oh yeahh. and i managed to do a one man rescue! yesh! :D despite chris's countless demoralizing remarks. lol. converted the nu huo to li liang. haha. thanks coach!
but i still need more water time. alot more.

so after yesterday's session, we went to tampines for KFC DINNER. :X
okok. no food poisoning. i had a zinger. nearly lysed.
ohh!! and i got my ears pierced...not as bad as i imagined.
once again, it's all in the mind. haha. now im so excited. -.-"
and yu rong is even more excited. -.-" -.-"
and chewy cant imagine me with earrings.
ok, so much for feeding you well, dog! lol.
and im meeting her for yong tau foo later!!
im a happy person for now.
but wait till homework comes knocking on my door.
5 weeks haf whizzed past.
and the hw is still under the bed. :X

Monday, September 17, 2007
8:20 PM

once in a lifetime means there's no second chance
this is why you and me should grab it while we can.
hmm. extracted those lines from HSM 2.
find them kind of meaningful.
and extremely applicable in the context of my life.
cant seem to expl why im so tired.
maybe im just disappointed.
with myself especially.
haha. i told jess this morning that she might well be my OGL next yr.
sometimes, i really feel as though we're living to fulfil the expectations of others.
but then when i ask myself why is it impt to work hard
i find myself arriving at the same conclusion every time.
"it's for my own good"
"you aspire to be a gynae, don't you?"
yeah. sure i do. who doesn't aspire to go far in life?
and to aspire to inspire is often easier said then done.
well. one thing's for sure - im definitely inspired.
by the last breakthrough!! :D
i wanna make a breakthrough.
and i know i can.
i know i can.
i know i will.